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BSNL IPTV iControl Service Starts in Jaipur

August 30, 2008

Bsnl in association with askh optic fibre has kicked off Internet Protocol Television(IPTV) service under the brand name of iControl. There was a soft launch of this service earlier this month but it was not open for public till 28th Aug.Now the service is open to public.

Now your old useless LandLine telephone can now stream your favorite TV channels via Internet route, which basically means your TV would be more interactive,customizable and flexible. It should not be confused with Internet Television where you watch TV on your PC and pay to watch channels & Bandwidth. Under iControl, you only have to pay a fixed charge for Channels and bandwidth is free. The service is currently available in 4 cities. Delhi,Mumbai ,Jaipur, Jodhpur

Now we would try to have a look at this service and see which feature is most useful and which not so useful. Most important should you really take a IPTV connection

What is icontrol ?

icontrol is the new avtaar of television connection. It is a service that helps you control the television the way you want. And no it’s not DTH / Cable. TV that you know has changed. It no longer decides what you watch or when you watch. It doesn’t rule your world anymore. It can’t ask you to finish work by 8. It isn’t your master. It is your servant.



Video on demand: More than 200 movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional with REWIND, FAST FORWARD and PAUSE option. You can see a whole range of movies from Eros, Shemaroo. You don’t need a DVD Player or DVDs.  

Since there are many scenes in movies which are too boring to watch or sometimes certain dialogs are unclear; imagine ability to rewind and forward while watching movies on your TV. probably you would feel this not a TV but your DVD player. as starting there are around 200 titles which are free to watch[ Free Movies List ] and other can be ordered by paying small amount of money.

Music on demand: Which allows you to see your favorite music as and when you want.

In age of iPods, this feature not much useful according to me becuase to hear music you have to purchase it which I am sure not people would like to do.

Time Shift TV: Which allows you to watch your favorite programs as and when you want. i.e. a subscriber can re-view past 3 days telecast program again.
The time shift option is currently available for FTA (free to air) channels. However it will be soon made available on other channels.   [ FTA List ]

Pretty handy, this basically means now you can watch your favorite television soaps

A-Tube: Video Classified pages offering you solutions to your day to day requirements from Lifestyle, Travel, Restaurants, Schools, Parlours, to even plumber. A-Tube and A-Shop allows subscribers to watch even video matrimonial, resumes and advertisements. 

Ahh..advertisements. why do they think we are stupid enough to take ads as a feature.don’t burden us with ads, Please?

Play a whole lot of interactive games like sudoku among your icontrol group.

Not a big deal! I think its more usefull for kids i would instead pass my time doing something more productive.

Free Messaging:
Send and receive instant messages form other icontrol users. Make friends. Create your own address book.

Interesting…..maybe it can help me find a date. hehe

Triple Play:
icontrol, internet connection and telephone service on one single cord.

Phone,Broadband and Television via your old landline. pretty neat

Replay Live Channels:
Now, you can replay a live channel and watch cricket again and again and again.

Nice thing to have since you regularly miss your fav matches due angry boss.


What Channels are available?

Total of 135 channels including all popular channels like Sony,Star,Zee,Ten sports,colors,M TV etc are available.full channel list.[ Channels List ]


How much i have to Pay?

That’s the most important Question. Service charges are Rs.150/- per month. there also one time activation charge of Rs.200/-. Installation & setop box are Free of charge. However a security deposit(Refundable) of Rs.999/- is to be paid towards set top box. you would be billed in your normal telephone bill.

What is disadvantage?

The most biggest disadvantage is that it requires a Broadband connection from BSNL.

Your Choice

If you already have Broadband connection, then IPTV is smart choice. otherwise DTH seems the best way to go.

For more information visit iControl Website and call BSNL call center no. 1500


India’s 3G Policy Announced, Some Key Points to Note.

August 1, 2008

Government of India has finally announced its policy on 3G spectrum allocation, paving way for 3G mobile services in country.Telecom minister A.Raja said there would max 10 player in each circle and spectrum would be allocated by bidding method, where the highest bidder gets spectrum.

3D an acronym for 3rd generations of mobile services which supports high-speed video messaging(video calls), mobile TV, gaming etc. the introduction of 3G in India is delayed,now the world is moving towards 4G.

nevertheless its a welcome move as its many time faster than present EDGE networks.

The Detailed policy can be read here. some of the important points mentioned in document.

* Initially, 5players would be allowed in each circle. later this limit would be increased to 10. Delhi & Mumbai will have 3 players instead of 5.

* Allocation of Septrum would based on a third party auction, which means telcos have to shell out more money, subsequently this cost will be passed onto the consumer in form of higher cost. as a Expection BSNL & MTNL would be allotted spectrum preferential basis.

Unfair Policy for Delhi and Mumbai telecom circles
Delhi & mumbai, which is biggest market for 3G will only have 2 private GSM players because the government has made it very clear that there are only three slots available for 3G spectrum in Delhi and Mumbai and two are already going to be reserved for BSNL and MTNL. this is a big blow to all private players.Idea cellular and reliance communication are also bidding for spectrum. This would ensure aggressive bidding and higher service costs.

Only two operators of Airtel,Vodafone,Idea & Reliance will get 3G license.

Bad news for Apple iPhone Lovers

Airtel and Vodafone are official carriers of iPhone in India. infact they have also announced publicly they will launch Apple iPhone 3G. now their plans seems to in toss in two most important circles i.e Delhi & Mumbai. there would be only 2private operators in these circles and more than 15bidders. this would ensure cut Cut Throat competition subcribers in other cities like chennai are more lucky to have 5 players.

Situation is better in CDMA space, there is no competition there. and bidder would get 3G spectrum at base price. BSNL & MTNL will not bid for CDMA.

And 3G services are expected to roll out around may-jun 09.
Get ready to enter new era of Telecommunication.

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Intel CPU Price Cuts to Come on July 20 – 45nm Dual Cores to be affected

July 7, 2008

It looks like this hot summer will become more bearable for us regular folks, thanks to a couple of initiatives coming from some of the biggest hardware manufacturers. As you might know, AMD and NVIDIA have already started to downsize the price tags for their graphics cards lineups, and Intel is soon to get in the game of price cuts as well. However, since Intel is not yet a competitor in the discrete graphics department, it can only lower the
prices for the central processing units.

Initially, it was said that Intel’s CPUs would see the first price cut come August 10, but according to recent reports, it seems the company can’t wait until then. This basically means that Intel’s fans should be on the lookout for much cheaper processors staring with July 20. The news isn’t yet confirmed and the exact numbers haven’t been made public so far, but computer users should definitely have something to wait for – according to sources, the July price cuts should affect both boxed and tray processors. As a matter of fact, the 45nm dual cores are said to be the ones that will most suffer from the price cuts.

Intel’s lowest 45nm Intel Core 2 processor, which has a core speed of 2.53 and comes with 3MB of L2 cache, is among the products that will come cheaper this summer. Along with it, the top E8500 model, as well as other Intel Core 2 Duo processors are expected to come with lower price tags even before the end of this month. These CPUs are targeted to the mid-range market which, in turn, means that most computer users will benefit from the rumored price cuts, if they do materialize.

So, if you are planning on acquiring a new computer system, or just on upgrading you current desktop rig to these 45nm-manufactured processors, then maybe the wisest thing to do would be to just wait a bit more. If all goes as rumored, you will end up with better technology for less the money. And, even if all of the above is not yet confirmed, the end of the month is just around the corner, as they say, and we will know soon enough.


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BSNL Multiplay IPTV Set to Launch in Jaipur, Rajasthan

June 24, 2008

State-run telecom major BSNL is planning to start Multiplay IPTV in pink city shortly. According to BSNL officials in the city, the required equipments to set up multiplay infrastructure have already been installed.

Service is currently in testing phase, as commercial launch is expected to be in July month. apart from normal TV channels, television education, interactive courses, network games, TV to TV interaction, audio and video talk back and messaging are also on offer.

The BSNL multi-play broadband would require a set-top box called WICE (Window for infotainment, communication and entertainment), which costs Rs 3,950.

It can also be rented for a fixed monthly charge of Rs 100 along with a security deposit of Rs 1,500. It comes with a one-time installation charge of Rs 600 and other services and taxes as applicable.

Apart from Initial charges, the monthly service charges would be Rs.199/- for which is lot more cheaper than the present cable Tv subcription. Right now only 120channels would be given but more would be added soon.

It includes major channels of Star,Sony,Aaj Tak,NDTV,MTV etc. 14radio channels will also be offered. Full list can be seen here.

Multiplay is an extension of Triple-Play technology, meaning, running all sorts of services on the same medium. BSNL Multiplay aims to make your telephone wire carry multiple applications of voice, data and video through the BSNL Multiplay will strive to be your one stop solution for all your information, communication and entertainment needs.

A standard telephone installation consists of a pair of copper wires that the phone company installs in your home. The copper wires have lots of room for carrying more than your phone conversations — they are capable of handling a much greater bandwidth, or range of frequencies, than that demanded for voice. DSL exploits this extra capacity to carry information on the wire without disturbing the line’s ability to carry conversations. The entire plan is based on matching particular frequencies to specific tasks. So the same line can be made to carry voice, data and video without one interfering with the other.

Java is finally Free and Open! GPL Compatible.

June 22, 2008

Recently Sun Microsystems announced they were going to release Java under the terms of the GPL. The task (6.5 million lines of code) is complete! This week the IcedTea Project reached an important milestone – The latest OpenJDK binary included in Fedora 9 (x86 and x86_64) passes the rigorous Java Test Compatibility Kit (TCK). What about Red Hat?

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Wine 1.0 Released

June 22, 2008

The Wine team is proud to announce that Wine 1.0 is now available.This is the first stable release of Wine after 15 years of developmentand beta testing. Many thanks to everybody who helped us along thatlong road!

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3 days left Firefox 3, Get ready to set a World record

June 12, 2008
Download Day 2008

Mozilla’s Firefox – A popular Open source,cross platform Web Browser is coming with a New version.
Firefox 3 is a complete Overhaul over previous version. Its More Secure,Easier to Use & Improved Performance.

Firefox is now trying to make a Guinness World Record for most number of downloads on release date 17, June And everyone is invited to be a part of it. PLEDGE NOW!!

Firefox 3 Download Day 2008

Download Day 2008