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ICICI B2 Banking – True Internet Banking

December 25, 2008

Unhappy with your bank’s crippled net banking facility? How many times have you have wished that you had a fully featured Internet banking service which has all the features which would help you transact on the Internet smartly. want to change to another bank’s net banking service but don’t want ditch your old savings account.
ICICI bank has product which they call “b2 Branch Banking“.It is a fully online direct banking service in which everything is done online, zero transaction charges on the savings account, no cheque book, no branch access, savings account with quantum optima facility. It is too simple, easy and saves your time

  • What a b2 account offers:
    • Zero Balance and Zero Transaction Charges – There are no charges on transaction done in b2 savings account. Also, unlike regular savings account you don’t have maintain a minimum amount in your account.
    • Virtual Credit Card(VCC) –  It enables to transact online with a credit limit of your choices. This card has limited balance which user specifies while generating so even if it fails in wrong hands you stand no risk.
    • No Penalty for premature withdrawal of FDs – you can make a premature withdrawal(breaking it before its full term) in your b2 saving account without having to incur the 1% penalty applicable on regular FDs.
    • E-wallet – An e-wallet gives you the conform of using a debit card online without having to expose your entire savings account for online transactions.
    • Greater Acceptability –  ICICI payment gateway is supported by most e-commerce Website. where as name of your good old bank may not appear while you are shopping on your favorite Website  .
    • Online Prepaid Mobile Recharge – you can recharge your mobile right from your b2 account itself and money would be automatically debited from your account. not a big feature but still useful. maybe you can use to refill when your talktime runs out in middle of night while talking to your girlfriend.
    • Absolutely No Making Charges on Demand Draft
    • No Charges on NEFT
    • SMS Alerts

Now, we know that B2 savings account is not a regular savings account. then obviously we must not be getting facilities of normal savings account. below is the difference between normal saving account & b2 savings account

  • What a b2 account does not offer: 
    • No branches, no cheque books – You will not have access to any ICICI Bank branches. For instance, you won’t be able to withdraw cash from a branch. since, you can move money online in easy ways, there will be no cheque book with account.
    • No debit card, no ATM access – Since this is a truly online account – you can move money from your b2 account to your other bank(S) very easily as and when you wish – you will not need a debit card or access to an ATM
    • No physical statements and passbook – you will not get any passbook or statement. instead you can see them, in your b2 account itself.

To Apply for ICICI b2 account, you have to visit ICICI B2 Page and click on Apply Here. A simple online Application form has to be filled with all your details. After filling up the form an ICICI bank executive would come to you for collecting required documents.
One problem you might face is in step-3 that name of your employer might not be on the list. no problem, simply click on “O” and select “Others”. if you are unemployed like you are still studying then simply write “NOT APPLICABLE”.

  • How to move money into your b2 account: there are many ways of doing that but the best one is dropping a cheque into any ICICI bank ATM’s Dropbox. just write your name and b2 account no in pay field and the amount would be debited to your account in 5 days.
  • How to move money out of b2 account: Again, there are many ways. the best is to transfer money into some other account by NEFT.

This service is useful for people you do lot of electronic transactions on regular basis.b2 can exist in perfect harmony with your regular savings account. use b2 for electronic transactions and your regular account for other offline transactions.  
It is a real Internet banking facility which is absolutely free to use. I wonder how ICICI plans to earn from this service.  I have been using this service from past 2months and I am very happy with it. I would certainly suggest you to sign up for it.

Links:   ICICI b2 Home Page  |  Apply for ICICI b2  |    ICICI b2 in the news


[Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free

November 6, 2008

Orkut has started a new service called “Orkut SMS” by which you can receive latest scraps from your scrapbook as text sms on your Mobile. It means, now you would be able to get scraps from your orkut profile right onto your mobile phone. so it would work on crappiest mobile phones which don’t have fancy features like GPRS or EDGE. Further you can also reply to scraps from your mobile itself.

Its Advantage is that this service does not require GPRS connection on mobile. It is entirely SMS based.if you are looking for GPRS based service try

It is to be noted that Receive SMS is entirely free but you would be Charged Rs.2/- per SMS(1/- for MTNL) for sending a SMS. In my opnion the best utilization of service is to Receive scraps, sending scraps from mobile should be generally avoided unless urgent as its charged.

What is orkut SMS?
orkut SMS allows you to stay in touch with your orkut friends using text messages from your mobile phone.
How does orkut SMS work?

1. Register your phone on the orkut website.
2. Send SMS commands from your phone to the appropriate orkut SMS number. Number for India:- 56555

SMS Commands

I am Using this on my Vodafone Mobile number from past week. I must say its very fast, i am getting scraps on SMS even before e-mail notifications.

If you are a Orkut user, you should try it at-least for receiving scrap which is free.
Currently Supported Operators:

  • TATA
  • BPL
  • Aircel
  • Reliance
  • Spice
  • MTNL
  • Vodafone

More Details

Everything About BSNL EvDO Data Card

October 6, 2008

What is Evdo Data Card?

In Simple terms, EvDo is a Technology which works on CDMA networks and it provides high speed Internet access on Mobile. it can also be termed as Mobile Broadband since you don’t have stick at one place, you can move freely move and still be able to check your e-mail as long as you are in coverage area. Just like you do with GRPS service with your mobile phone. A much more, technically correct definition is given below:-
Evolution-Data Optimized(Evdo) is a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access. It is based on CDMA Technology.The EV-DO feature of CDMA2000 networks provides access to mobile devices with forward link air interface speeds of up to 2.4 Mbit/s with Rev. 0 and up to 3.1 Mbit/s with Rev. A.

What are Features of Bsnl Evdo?

  • Personal broadband wireless service for a wide range of customers, from business people to students
  • Always on & Unlimited Access
  • Advantages over WiFi: It does not need a wifi hotspot. You take the internet with you and surf the web in your car, on the train, in the airport, at a convention, on the road. just about anywhere.
  • High-Speed Internet Access supported upto 2.4mbps

What is the cost of BSNL EVDO service?

BSNL EVDO is an unlimited bandwidth service, which means you can use as much as you want, there are no data limits on the service. you just have to pay the monthly rental of Rs.550/-. its Truly Unlimited service, no extra costs

Do I need any special Device to use this service?

You can need EVDO wireless usb modem/card. Bsnl currently gives EV-DO card AC8700 by ZTE Mobile Tech.This device stylish device plug directly in USB port of your computer/laptop.It Weights about 40g.The device costs 3,500 Rs.(May vary +/- few Rs in few regions). In case you don’t want to purchase it outright, you have a rental option available. Here are a few pics of the Device

Can I see a complete Traffic card, which its all the charges i have to pay?

When i went to bsnl office for enquiry of the service, i was given a Tariff card. the same has been upload for your kind reference. I got this card from BSNL jaipur, so Charges maybe slightly different for different states.
BSNL Data Card Tariff

Publish at Scribd
BSNL Data Card Tariff

Presently, in which cities service is available?

Please contact your nearest exchange for availability.unofficial list BSNL EVDO Enabled Cities in India

Does this device work with Mac & Linux?

Yes, it works with Mac & Linux.

How do I get the BSNL EVDO service?

You need to visit the main BSNL office in your area to get EVDO connection.In Jaipur,Rajasthan. I went to Bajaj Nagar Telephone Exchange but before you get your own connection, please ask them for a demonstration. Also, ask them but the coverage details & what likely speeds would get in your area.

What is CDMA 1x ?

CDMA 1x is the previous version or the older version of EVDO which has speed upto 144kbps. As EvDO is still in Nascent stage of deployment very few areas have Evdo BTS (base transmitting stations), rest are still CDMA 1x. If BTS near you is not Evdo enabled then you will get CDMA 1x speeds of upto144kbps.

What about the speeds & performance?

Speeds & Performance depend on Signal Strength which varies place to place . some people have reported to get about 1.5mbps speed and some only get around 100kbps only. so i would suggest you to contact your nearest local exchange and ask for a live demo. here is a brief account of my personnel experience.

  • With about 4Signal bars; speeds were around 200-600kbps range. placing the device at specific positions helps in signal reception.
  • Speed was constantly fluctuating & were not stable; however average speeds of 300kbps were observed over the period of 2hours.
  • Websites like orkut,yahoo,rediff loaded speedily but video playback on youtube was not smooth due to constant fluctuations of bandwidth availability.

Troubleshooting EvDo Connectivity

ZTE Device comes with LED light which shows us status of Internet connectivity. it has 2 colors & various states which inform us about the current network. Additionally, top bar of bundled ZTE application provides a lot of useful information on current connection state. For a Smooth working Connection, you have have minimum 3 signal bars, else would face connectivity problems.

Special Note for torrent & Rapidshare Users; Others can skip this

In Bsnl EvDO you aren’t directly connected to Internet.instead you are connected to a Proxy server on bsnl’s network which has a private IP, in 10.xx.xx.xx range. that proxy server then connects to Internet Gateway aka National Internet Backbone. so as a result, proxy server blocks all incoming connections to it, except those coming from known ports like port 80,443 etc.Every Proxy server has a unique Public IP address, and all subscribers connected to it will share that Public IP address. Its entirely different from convention when every Subscriber has unique Public Ip address
This Approach was two shortcomings:

  • Rapidshare: As a single public IP address is shared among lot of users, there is a great chance at someone from your IP address would have already download from Rapidshare. so now for next 30days you can’t download from that same IP, as its a limitation imposed by rapidshare on free users. however premium account holder won’t be affected due to this.
  • Torrents:Currently BSNL has set the proxy in such a way that it blocks all incoming connections other than of known ports like port 80,443 etc. as a result you aren’t connectable to other users. you can only download a torrent and can’t upload. on private trackers you would be banned shortly for a bad ratio and on public trackers you would get slow speeds


  • Fast, cheap & portable
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Unique, presently this is only Evdo service in INDIA, rest operators have networks which are many times slower.


  • Constant fluctuations of speed
  • No All india Roaming; you can roam in your state only
  • Relative new technology; currently in Testing Phase


Bsnl Evdo is good service with gives excellent speeds on the move comparing to other alternatives like GPRS. The technology involved is quite new in India, this can be judged from the fact the DOT has not issued any format licenses for 3G CDMA. when licenses are issues we would expect similar roll outs from other operators also.
I would recommend people to try this service atleast once, if they find it suitable they should subscribe to it
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Dummies Guide to Scheduling Downloads(Linux Version)

October 2, 2008

Linux is a stable OpenSource Operating system.It has a ability to run for long hours and crashes are rarely seen.On top of it, it has a inbuilt scheduler which is robust and  it never misses tasks. All this Characteristics make Linux a perfect choice for downloading. Yeah almost perfect choice (discussed later).
In This Guide we would learn how to smartly schedule downloads. This way files would be automatically downloaded while you sleep. This Guide is mainly for BSNL/MTNL broadband subscribers. I have Tried to prescribe a general procedure which is applicable on all major distribution specific goodies are not discussed here.

Mainly there are two mode of this, you need to pick a method which applies to you.

  • Router Reboot method: Suitable when your connection is configured as always-on and router is PPPoE mode. so you don’t need to dial your connection every time you connect to Internet. it works with selected routers which supports telnet connectivity.Dependant upon routers.
  • Bridge Mode: Suitable when you dial to connect to Internet using a Dialer program on your PC. in this setting your PC is in Bridge works with every router.
Understanding Cron Daemon
Before we begin we should know how about cron – default linux scheduler
Cron Daemon is a default scheduler for Linux based systems.Cron Daemon is  responsible for scanning the crontab files and running the commands at the appropriate time. It always runs in background, wakes up every minute to check for any scheduled taks pending for execution. then it executes them and goes back to sleep.

Crond reads tasks from crontab, anything you write in your crontab with proper syntax will be read & excuted by crond. Crontab as name suggests, is basically a file where sheduled tasks are arranged in tabular forum.The syntax of crontab is fairly simple.

Minutes Hours Day Month Day of the month command
enter the minutes part of time, legal values 0-60 Enter the hours, in 24hr format. legal values 0-24 Enter the Day number starting from Monday, legal values 0-7 Enter the month,legal values 1-12 Enter a Date, legal values 1-31 Command you want to execute at scheduled time

use command “visudo” to edit would load a editor depending upon your $EDITOR variable. on Ubuntu you would get nano
how to use nano(easy)
how to use vi (advanced)

Things Which are common among both methods

1) Create a simple text file in your home folder and name it “downloads.txt” & notedown its full path. Insert the *Direct* links of files you want to download into this newly created file. The files given in this would be downloaded by wget automactically.wget can handle http & ftp downloads. After download completes remove the link and enter new ones. insert one link per line. Remember to add direct link only.

2) If you use torrents, install your torrent client and notedown its full path to its binary. you can use “whereis” command to find its exact location. generally its /usr/share/sbin. If you are looking for worthy torrent clients, look for deluge or azurus now vuze

Router Reboot Method

1) I wrote a simple Shell script for rebooting router. it works nicely on D-link GLB 502T. although you may need to change userid,password & command values.copy paste this script in a file and save it as make it excutable by

chmod a+x

#Script Written By Gaurish Sharma                                           
#change the password,userid & command values with your own set
#the default password & username
# in most cased is 'admin'                         
#use it in terminal as sh | telnet                       
echo $add
sleep 1
echo $userid
sleep 1
echo $password
sleep 1
echo $command
sleep 1

2) Open Terminal and enter “crontab -e”. enter the following in your crontab and save it

# m h  dom mon dow   command
# Reboot Entry, please replace with correct path
10 2 * * * cd /home/gaurish/scripts && sh | telnet
# Start Torrent client, please replace with correct path of your router
12 2 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /opt/azureus/azureus
# Downloads via wget, Please replace with corrent path
13 2 * * * wget -ci /home/gaurish/downloads.txt
# Reboot Entry, please replace with correct path
50 7 * * * cd /home/gaurish/scripts && sh | telnet

3) Now we need to enter command to shutdown computer everyday at 7.51AM.this only can be done via root user. so now the enter command as “sudo crontab -e” and Insert this line.

50 7 * * * /sbin/shutdown -h 0

4) (Optional) you can install mailx package to see the log of what happened while you were sleeping

Bridge Mode

1) we would be using default command which you use to dial to internet. on most cases its pon dsl-provider for connectinig and poff for disconnection . in case the command are diffrent on your machine please replace them.

2) Open Terminal and enter “crontab -e” now paste the following in it

# m h  dom mon dow   command
# Start Torrent client, please replace with correct path of your torrent program
10 2 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /opt/azureus/azureus
# please replace with correct path of download.txt
13 2 * * * wget -ci /home/gaurish/downloads.txt

3) Now we need to use root crontab, use “sudo crontab -e” to access it.

10 2 * * *  /usr/bin/pon dsl-provider
49 7 * * * /usr/bin/poff
50 7 * * * /sbin/shutdown -h 0

4) (Optional) you can install mailx package to see the log of what happened while you were sleeping.

What you are missing in Linux, comparing to windows?
In starting of this post i said,  almost perfect choice for downloading. so you gotta missing something. which is ability to power on your PC automatically.
I am still searching for a method to start a Linux box automatically at a specific time.
As a workaround you can do the same thing via your BIOS, but a limited no of BIOS support this. so either leave your machine running with monitor turn off or use the BIOS trick.

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Make your presence felt on the Web in about $8USD/Rs350INR

September 24, 2008

Do you want to have a Personal blog with a address of and a personnel email id of but you were shy because it costs too much very year. Check again now prices has fallen drastically it is possible to register a Domain for about $8USD/Rs.350INR per year.
Now, many of you would like to ask “can I make your blog & email with just a domain?”. The Answer is “No, you need other things”.but good part is almost all other things needed for a personnel email & blog solution can be brought for FREE!.
Here is the list of things we would be needing:-
1) .Com or any other gTLD with Managed DNS service: you can buy a domain from any ICANN accredited registrar but I would recommend buying from as you also get ability to create CNAME,MX records, which need for brought separately for all other hosts. although says Price at$9.29USD but it can be reduced to $8.41 by using a Coupon code:BACK2SCHOOL(Source:Retailmenot). if you have already brought a domain from a different registrar and it didn’t give Managed DNS. you can use FreeDNS service for no extra charge.
2) Google Account: for Blogspot blogging service. Mostly Likely you would be having a Google account, if not then create one. After you created a Google account, Goto and create your own blog on choose available subdomain. if you already have a blog at Blogspot then no need to create a new one, you can transfer your existing blog to your new domain.

Note:Instructions for configuring DNS are different for every registrar. Hence,for clarity I would be using FreeDNS service. it would enable me to give specific easy to understand, step by step. Since free service which is open to everyone without paying any charge.Therefore, you are encouraged to use this service.


Setting up DNS Records

1) Signup for FreeDNS. Complete Registration by clicking on Activation link which would be sent to email address you provided at time of registration.Now your account activation is complete and you can proceed next step.

2) Add Domain: From the Homepage, Click on Domains. your would be asked to login to your newly created account. Now click on Add a Domain.Now you should see a screen similar to what is given below. Enter the your Domain address, Choose Share State to Private and click on Submit

3) Change NameServers: Most likely you would receive a warning that your Domain is marked BROKEN. It is because you need change your Domain NameServer configuration. Instead of using default server, you have to change to FreeDns supplied nameservers which are:


Changing Nameserver usually requires logging in to your Domain Control Panel and click on Option Named “Change Nameserver Records” or “Modify NameServer”. If you need help you can contact your registrar and Perform a Google search. in search box enter “Change Nameserver <registrar name>”. for example Namecheap. A DNS change takes upto 24hrs after the change you should no longer see see the broken mark



4) Now Click on Domains. you should get your newly added domain. to create DNS records click on Manage.

5) In the next Screen, click on ADD to add a new subdomain.In enter the following values and click Save.

  • Type = CNAME
  • Subdomain = www
  • Destination = 

6) Now click on there should not be any prefix before it).In the Next screen Click on Forward to a URL. we should now create a Web Forward record.


7) Leave the Redirect From field as blank. In Redirect To Enter Please ensure presence to www. leave rest options at defaults and click on Save

8) Go Back to Domains & Manage(refer to step 4). Now we would change the MX record. click the link on which is has a value MX and

9) In the next screen for change MX record. and click on save

  • Type = MX
  • Subdomain =
  • Destination = 1:ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

10) We are Done with this part, your current screen should look similar to that of screenshot given below but the Domain name should be different and it should not appear broken as in my case. mine is showing broken 
because i am working on a imaginary Domain. for you if everything is fine it should show status as active.

11) (Optional)To check email you have to use you want a shorter domain like then you have create a CNAME record pointing to Refer to Step 5 for more help


Setting Up Email

1) Signup with Google Apps.Choose the Standard Edition. signup it pretty easy to figure out and you can read the inbuilt help in case of facing difficulty. After Sign you would be taken to your dashboard.

2) Verify domain ownership:You in your Dashboard you will be get a Prompt “To activate Google Apps services you must verify that you own your domain –”. Click on Verify Domain Ownership.In Verification method choose create a CNAME record. Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or alias: <verification string>.Set the CNAME destination to the following address: Refer to PART-I Step 4-5, this time just enter the Verification string in place of www as sub domain.the Verification string would be different for every Domain.

3) Active Email:Now you need to active Email service by clicking on Activate Email > I Have Completed these steps. if everything is done correctly you can now proceed to adding more users in Dashboard.


Setting Up your Blog

1) Open Blogger Dashboard. if you don’t have a blogspot blog then get one
 2) Under manage Blogs, click Settings

3) Navigate to Settings Tab Publishing Tab. Click on Switch to Custom Domain
 4) Now Publish your Blog at and click on Save. Also check the Box which says “Redirect to; and click on Save.

5) Wait for sometime for DNS changes to be replicated across the Internet Infrastructure. this normally takes upto 24hrs.

Final Thoughts

  • To make setup Process more easier you can Purchase Domain Directly through google. Google Takes $10. payment is done via Google Checkout
  • If you want a Static Website instead of a Blog, then you can use Google Apps’s Sites to Create one.
  • To check your mail you have to login at or (If you created a Short URL)

Enjoy, your new CyberSpace !

Dummies Guide to Scheduling Downloads

September 14, 2008

Since state owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) launched its broadband services under the brand name DataOne through out the country on 14th January 2005 , its users have one complaint lack of unlimited plans. Due to this users were forced to download their “stuff” in odd time of 200hrs to 800hrs(IST). some smart people used to schedule download and sleep cool. others have been branded night watchman by folks around them. now lot of things have changed, speeds have in upgraded upto 2mbps and new Unlimited plans have been introduced.
Still there are many users who still stuck with plans with data caps and Night Unlimited facility despite of Unlimited Plans being available. Mainly because of monthly rentals of data capped plans is lower and speeds are higher.
In This post we would try to intellectually schedule our downloads. so that we can have a sound sleep while download finishes. Already their are guides available for this on Internet but  this is for Anshul Jain & Rachit Atolia who forced me to write this post. Damn, both of you !.

What you would be able to do at end of this guide?

Your computer would automatically power-on(if supported) & connect to predestined time, your download would be automatically started. And at a predetermined time your PC would turn off. Best part is that all this occur when you are in deep sleep.

Requirements Tools:-
  • BSNL Internet Connection in Bridge mode(dial-up mode). Bridge mode is that when you use dialer in connect Internet. Internet is not not always on.
  • Tested on Windows XP 32bit, may or maybe not work on Vista
  • Any Download manager which supports scheduling, I recommend Free Download Manager(FDM). Download FDM
  • Torrent Client like utorrent. required only is you regularly download via torrents, else FDM has inbuilt bittorrent support.

1. Click on Start menu and Open Notepad from All Programs>Accessories>Notepad
2.  Type the following text and save the file as connect.bat
Connection name have to be replaced with the name of dialer you created in xp. to find your connection name . Open Start menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.  here you should find connection name. example for mine it is
rasdial Bsnl jp2555355 Hari-om

3. now create a similar file with following text and save it as disconnect.bat
rasdial   /disconnect
4. Create another file similar to first two with following text and save as
shutdown -S -T 0    See The [Update] at end of the post

5. Enable Hibernation by Start control > Run. type powercfg.cpl and check enable hibernation. ensure there is necessary free space available.

6.Open Scheduled tasks by tying “control scheduled” in run dialog box.
7. Add a new schedule task by clicking on “Add schedule task“. you would be presented with Scheduled task Wizard. please click next to continue.

8. Now in Select applications window, Click on Browse and navigate to the location where you have saved connect.bat  and click on Open

9.In perform this task, select Daily and click on next to continue.

10. In Select Time & date screen, choose Start time as 2:10 AM and Perform this task daily. Click Next to Continue.

11. Enter the password you use to logon, leave blank if there is no password. Click Next to Continue

12. you will get a confirmation screen. Click on Check box “Open Advanced properties for this task when I click Finish.” and now finally click on Finish.if you didn’t enter a password you get a access it denied error. please ignore and proceed to next step.

13. In Advanced properties check “Run Only If Logged on” and click Apply.

14. Click on Settings tab and check “Wake computer” to run this task. Click okay

15. Now you can add any other task like FDM or utorrent, in exact same procedure to be run at 2:11 AM Daily. but just choose desired program from Application Window in place of connect.bat in Step 7
16. Now add disconnect.bat task to be run at 7:50 AM Daily
17. Lastly, Shutdown.bat task to be run at 7:
18. If you have done everything correctly,your scheduled task should be similar to to screenshot given below.

How To Use

1. Set your downloads in FDM or utorrent in such a way that whenever they are started downloading begins.
2. Put your Computer to Hibernate Mode. Hold down Shift key in Shut Down menu to see Hibernate option.
3) Don’t Turn off main AC power. if you have a UPS, please keep it on. also router needs to need on. you can turn off your monitor Only.

Congrats!, you can now sleep cool which you download “Stuff”. Incase of any problems, please ask them here

You need a separate Utility like Poweroff to be able to shutdown computer.
1) Download Poweroff
2) Schedule to power off automatically at  7.50 AM daily.
3) Create a Service by Service>Create Service
4) Then Save Settings to the service

[Howto]: Change display Language in Windows Vista

September 3, 2008

When buying a laptop from abroad, the biggest problem is the OS comes in other languages than what we speak. same happened with me, my uncle got a Notebook computer with “Windows Vista Home basic” which had Chinese language by default.

Unlike Windows XP, changing display language is now a Premium feature and it only available in Windows Vista Business & Ultimate editions. now you don’t want to be a pirate and same time change its language. after lot of searching I finally found a solution.

Here is How:

  • Download Vistalizator language change tool – this tool allows you to change display language in Vista editions other than (officially supported) Ultimate, like Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business.Download
  • Download MUI Language PackMUI stands for Multilingual User Interface.
    There are full (100%) and partial (80% according to Microsoft) MUI language packs.Full languages change entire Vista environment, partial languages lack some localization. Download
  • Run Vistalizator, load a downloaded language pack, press Install
  • Wait for the installation process and finally accept the display language change
  • Exit program to restart Vista
  • Enjoy the new language smiley
  • You can install more languages and switch between them easily using Vistalizator

Vistalizator – Home Page

Learning Java Programming Language – Day 1

August 26, 2008

I am Learning Java programming language these as its part of my course. Java is Object-oriented, structured, imperative language. Its syntax(grammar) is heavily inspired  from  C/C++. All those coders who have know basics of C/C++ won’t have much problems in learning java. Sun Microsystems defines java as
The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all of the following buzzwords: Simple,Architecture neutral,Object oriented,Portable,Distributed,High performance,Multithreaded,Robust,Dynamic,Secure

The main Advantage of Java is Portability, the code written in java can run on different platforms; independent of OS its coded. It can run on various platforms since its does not directly access the Host OS’s libraries and API’s . All code written in java is first compiled to bytecode by java compiler(javac) and the java launcher tool runs your application instance in Java Virtual Machine(JVM).This method of running program allows programs to be platform independent as your code never comes in direct contact with host OS’s programming API. a mediator called Java Virtual Machine(JVM) with help of Java Application Programming Interface (API) automatically converts bytecode into machine readable code. The main disadvantage of Virtualization technique is that it sacrifices on performance for portability. Java Applications are resource intensive and are slower than native applications.
For example Vuze(Formerly known as Azureus) is  bittorrent Client entirely coded in java. it needs minimum of 256mb Memory and lots of CPU time. it runs on Windows,Mac OS,Linux etc. However its counterpart µTorrent runs exclusively on Windows platform and takes marginal resources. As a Developer when choosing which programming language to code your application in  you have to decide between speed & portability.Java is highly portable so it should be used in making web applets and writing big applications in java should be generally avoided.

Writing First Program in Java
Before we can proceed writing famous “Hello World” program, we need to setup environment accordingly. for coding in any High-level programming language we nee three basic things compiler,Text editor and Shell. for java we would need

  • Language Compiler – Java Development kit(JDK)
  • Text Editor – Notepad++
  • Shell/Console – depends on Platform, we would use Windows Command Shell aka cmd

Download JDK from here(74mb). Notepad++ from here(2mb). please note confuse notepad++ with windows notepad, both are entirely different. you can write your programs in notepad as well but windows notepad does not support basic programming functions like syntax highlighting. So its wise to use Notepad++.
Installing JDK and notepad++ is real easy, its typical Next,Next,Next Wizard. after you finish installing Next Step is to open Notepad++ and type the following code.

public class hello 
public static void main (String args[]) 
System.out.println("Hello World. My First Java Program!");

.csharpcode, .csharpcode pre

font-size: small;
color: black;
font-family: consolas, “Courier New”, courier, monospace;
background-color: #ffffff;
/*white-space: pre;*/
.csharpcode pre { margin: 0em; }
.csharpcode .rem { color: #008000; }
.csharpcode .kwrd { color: #0000ff; }
.csharpcode .str { color: #006080; }
.csharpcode .op { color: #0000c0; }
.csharpcode .preproc { color: #cc6633; }
.csharpcode .asp { background-color: #ffff00; }
.csharpcode .html { color: #800000; }
.csharpcode .attr { color: #ff0000; }
.csharpcode .alt
background-color: #f4f4f4;
width: 100%;
margin: 0em;
.csharpcode .lnum { color: #606060; }
Now save the file with .java extension and click on “Show console Dialog” icon from Standard toolbar in Notepad++. type “cmd” and you will get Windows Command Shell.
Compling the program
Running the Program
  java filename
make sure you are in dir where the file exists.

you can also use a Integrated Development Environment(IDE ) like Eclipse which has a Text editor,Complier and Shell integrated into one application. its bit more complex and is more usefull in coding large applications. 
For online resources on Java have a look here, here & here. For java Books try Java™ Programming Language by Arnold, Ken/Gosling, James/Holmes, David and  Effective Java by Joshua Bloch

Wish you make fastest applications with little bugs
Happy Programming!


Solution:Some Random sites do not open with BSNL Broadband

August 17, 2008

BSNL Broadband is a broadband internet service from state owned BSNL in India. during Past few weeks many Bsnl Broadband customers are complaining that they can’t open some sites like,, but can connect to, the sites which are not opening are random – it can be any site which does not open.If you a similar problem and can’t open some sites then read on……
There are mainly two Reasons to this Problem:-

  • Bad DNS: Bsnl’s DNS sometimes due to overload fails to resolve queries. sometimes this is a temporary problem. if it occurs often then change to third party DNS server like Opendns. changing DNS server is very simple process, there is no software to install. you just need to specify IP address of alternate DNS servers. Opendns also has other features like filtering of adult sites etc. detailed instructions on how to setup can be found on Opendns website.

  • Large MTU: MTU stands for Maximum transmission Unit. it is max size of each data packet which travels across a Internet. each interface has it own MTU value.  Larger MTU ensures bandwidth efficiency but it can also choke interfaces. if you have problems with your network a conservative MTU value of 1454 is change MTU. The third party Dr. TCP software can be used to change the MTU setting.
    1. Download this tiny utility from here. choose exe file type
    2. Run the utility you just downloaded.
    3. In the Adapter Settings, select the Ethernet driver and adapter used to connect with BSNL broadband.
    4. In the MTU box, type the 1454.
    5. Click in any other box, without changing the data there.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Click Exit.
    8. Restart the computer.

Hopefully you be able to solve your network problems. Enjoy High-speed enabled Internet!!

Howto get Inline/embedded Comment form in Blogger

July 12, 2008

Most people don’t like the default comment style of blogger, which is to have comments in separate window with a diffrent theme which does not match your site. for this reason alone people switch to other blogging platform like wordpress which have this features since ages.

Now blogger team has came to rescue, added inline comments, so that your readers can comment right on the page.however this feature is in testing phase only as it has lot of bugs.

but this does not mean you should not try it.

I have successfully implemented this on my blog, and shall guide you to do that same

1) Open & sign in with your user id & password

2) Upon reaching Dashboard, Navigate to Settings

3) Under Comments Tab; select “Embedded below post” in Comment Form Placement. then click on Save Settings.

4) Now the Embedded comments should appear, If you have custom template, you will need to make a small changes to your template code. But don’t worry, it’s a small change!

i) First Backup your template. to backup, navigate to Layout>Edit HTML. Under Backup / Restore Template head. Click Download Full Template.

ii) Now go to Layout>Edit HTML in your blog’s dashboard and check the “Expand widget templates” box.Search for this line in template code:

< b:include data=’post’ name=’comments’/>

now just after this add line

< b:include data=’post’ name=’comment-form’/>

please note, the above line needs to be added without deleting other line. it should be added just below it

If you have done all above things correctly then you should see an embedded comment form. if not then please re-read the above and verify that you did everything correctly. if you still not get it then you can ask but do give me all details. like your blog url,template,what procedure did you take etc etc.

This is a welcome feature on blogger which would stop many users from migrating to other blogging platforms. i hope blogger team fixed all current issues and makes it LIVE soon.

Please feel free to comment on this post & test the new feature before implementing it on your blog. you can learn about embedded comment forum on Bloggerindraft blog