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Catch hot deals at EBay India, while it lasts

January 12, 2009

EBay India is currently running a promotional campaign, under which they have issued some discount coupons to buyers.There are discount coupons which would give you 5%,10% or 15% off the listed price of the item. but catch is it can be only used once and you have pay using paisa pay – which is absolutely fine.
Also there is special coupon which gives Rs.300 Off on Minimum purchase of Rs. 500. that about 60% discount. this way you can get things cheaper than the market price.


15% or max 1000 rupees coupon. Valid up to Jan 15th
15% or max 1000 rupees coupon. Valid up to Jan 15th
15% or max 1000 rupees coupon. Valid up to Jan 15th
20% or max 500 rupees coupon. Valid up to Jan 13th
5% discount Voucher Max discount Rs. 500 .. valid up to Jan 13 2009
10% off / Max Rs 500 Valid till Jan 13th
15% or max 500 rupees coupon. Valid up to Jan 13th
Baap of all coupons
Rs.300 Off
Minimum purchase of Rs. 500
Voucher Code: 2KI9KBI3AY
Expiry 31st Jan 09,
I am more interested in buying items around Rs.500/- mark so , get maximum discount. also this would be cheapest price you can get.

HOT Deals using Rs.300 off coupon

These are some i found , apart from this if there is any other deal, in which you are getting product less than market price or equivalent. please post

Head straight to, Get Shopping!


My Favorite TV Shows

January 12, 2009

I haven’t been updating this place as frequently as i used to do in earlier times. In my earlier posts, i have pointed out the reason as making a the correct balance. But actual reason is i spend most of my free time watching TV series. In other words, i am hooked to them.
I am not talking about Indian TV shows like the saas bahu crap or 43yr old man marring 16yr old girl , but TV shows telecasted in the US.In general, they have great storyline,fine performances from actors and mostly importantly they move as the plots change,actors gets replaced. Something which i miss on Indian television.
Just like every tree in garden doesn’t yield fruits, same way not all TV series telecasted are interesting to watch. i would start from ones which i like the most.

The above 4 shows are the my favorite ones, other than that i watch Dexter,24,Supernatural. but didn’t like them much.
the next question is How do i get this shows here in INDIA? Answer: via Peer-to-peer networks like TPB. as legally you can’t get them here.
Now, Go watch it as the risk of being addicted!!