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Get Free Web-hosting Account of ExperTrio

September 26, 2008

Preshit Deorukhkar who Blogs at is Giving away 5 web-hosting accounts which otherwise are Paid, for Free of cost under a promotional contest.The accounts will be hosted with ExperTrio Web Services, and you are entitled to get full support from them for your accounts.

To participate you have Three Options

1) Write About This contest on your blog
2) Follow Him & tweet about this competition on Twitter

3) Make Cool Video of yourself Expressing why you want a account.

Earlier Madhu From Unlimited Internet Services gave 20 free web hosting packages at Digit Forums. This is very good-old promational tactic, used for promoting new services.

Anyways, If you are a  Blogger and looking for reliable hosting plan. you should check this contest.

Link:Free Web-hosting Account Giveaway


Make your presence felt on the Web in about $8USD/Rs350INR

September 24, 2008

Do you want to have a Personal blog with a address of and a personnel email id of but you were shy because it costs too much very year. Check again now prices has fallen drastically it is possible to register a Domain for about $8USD/Rs.350INR per year.
Now, many of you would like to ask “can I make your blog & email with just a domain?”. The Answer is “No, you need other things”.but good part is almost all other things needed for a personnel email & blog solution can be brought for FREE!.
Here is the list of things we would be needing:-
1) .Com or any other gTLD with Managed DNS service: you can buy a domain from any ICANN accredited registrar but I would recommend buying from as you also get ability to create CNAME,MX records, which need for brought separately for all other hosts. although says Price at$9.29USD but it can be reduced to $8.41 by using a Coupon code:BACK2SCHOOL(Source:Retailmenot). if you have already brought a domain from a different registrar and it didn’t give Managed DNS. you can use FreeDNS service for no extra charge.
2) Google Account: for Blogspot blogging service. Mostly Likely you would be having a Google account, if not then create one. After you created a Google account, Goto and create your own blog on choose available subdomain. if you already have a blog at Blogspot then no need to create a new one, you can transfer your existing blog to your new domain.

Note:Instructions for configuring DNS are different for every registrar. Hence,for clarity I would be using FreeDNS service. it would enable me to give specific easy to understand, step by step. Since free service which is open to everyone without paying any charge.Therefore, you are encouraged to use this service.


Setting up DNS Records

1) Signup for FreeDNS. Complete Registration by clicking on Activation link which would be sent to email address you provided at time of registration.Now your account activation is complete and you can proceed next step.

2) Add Domain: From the Homepage, Click on Domains. your would be asked to login to your newly created account. Now click on Add a Domain.Now you should see a screen similar to what is given below. Enter the your Domain address, Choose Share State to Private and click on Submit

3) Change NameServers: Most likely you would receive a warning that your Domain is marked BROKEN. It is because you need change your Domain NameServer configuration. Instead of using default server, you have to change to FreeDns supplied nameservers which are:


Changing Nameserver usually requires logging in to your Domain Control Panel and click on Option Named “Change Nameserver Records” or “Modify NameServer”. If you need help you can contact your registrar and Perform a Google search. in search box enter “Change Nameserver <registrar name>”. for example Namecheap. A DNS change takes upto 24hrs after the change you should no longer see see the broken mark



4) Now Click on Domains. you should get your newly added domain. to create DNS records click on Manage.

5) In the next Screen, click on ADD to add a new subdomain.In enter the following values and click Save.

  • Type = CNAME
  • Subdomain = www
  • Destination = 

6) Now click on there should not be any prefix before it).In the Next screen Click on Forward to a URL. we should now create a Web Forward record.


7) Leave the Redirect From field as blank. In Redirect To Enter Please ensure presence to www. leave rest options at defaults and click on Save

8) Go Back to Domains & Manage(refer to step 4). Now we would change the MX record. click the link on which is has a value MX and

9) In the next screen for change MX record. and click on save

  • Type = MX
  • Subdomain =
  • Destination = 1:ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM

10) We are Done with this part, your current screen should look similar to that of screenshot given below but the Domain name should be different and it should not appear broken as in my case. mine is showing broken 
because i am working on a imaginary Domain. for you if everything is fine it should show status as active.

11) (Optional)To check email you have to use you want a shorter domain like then you have create a CNAME record pointing to Refer to Step 5 for more help


Setting Up Email

1) Signup with Google Apps.Choose the Standard Edition. signup it pretty easy to figure out and you can read the inbuilt help in case of facing difficulty. After Sign you would be taken to your dashboard.

2) Verify domain ownership:You in your Dashboard you will be get a Prompt “To activate Google Apps services you must verify that you own your domain –”. Click on Verify Domain Ownership.In Verification method choose create a CNAME record. Find the CNAME settings and enter the following as the CNAME value or alias: <verification string>.Set the CNAME destination to the following address: Refer to PART-I Step 4-5, this time just enter the Verification string in place of www as sub domain.the Verification string would be different for every Domain.

3) Active Email:Now you need to active Email service by clicking on Activate Email > I Have Completed these steps. if everything is done correctly you can now proceed to adding more users in Dashboard.


Setting Up your Blog

1) Open Blogger Dashboard. if you don’t have a blogspot blog then get one
 2) Under manage Blogs, click Settings

3) Navigate to Settings Tab Publishing Tab. Click on Switch to Custom Domain
 4) Now Publish your Blog at and click on Save. Also check the Box which says “Redirect to; and click on Save.

5) Wait for sometime for DNS changes to be replicated across the Internet Infrastructure. this normally takes upto 24hrs.

Final Thoughts

  • To make setup Process more easier you can Purchase Domain Directly through google. Google Takes $10. payment is done via Google Checkout
  • If you want a Static Website instead of a Blog, then you can use Google Apps’s Sites to Create one.
  • To check your mail you have to login at or (If you created a Short URL)

Enjoy, your new CyberSpace !

Free Torrent-Damage Invites are available

September 22, 2008

Have your very own account today! The best private site nowadays! This free giveway is for one of my own personal invitations to torrent damage. Enjoy the speed and quality by Joining the tracker that everyone wants to get into.
Please provide a valid email address, so that i can send you a invite

Terms & Conditions:
1) You have Provide a screenshot of your ratio in some other tracker.
2) Provide a proof of your connection speed. Goto and test
3) Invites are limited & will be given on first-come first-serve basis to all eligible.

I has 5 Invites available, which are already been given. Please check back later.

ArchLinux: Stop dhcp from overwriting resolv.conf(Linux Only)

September 20, 2008

Here is a Quick tip for people using Archlinux:

Sometimes we don’t want dhcpcd overwriting our resolv.conf anymore, since it is customized. We do, however, want dhcpcd to continue to automatically set out IP, default gateway, et cetera. To cause this effect we will edit /etc/conf.d/dhcpcd as root, with our favorite editor. The directive we are looking for is DHCPCD_ARGS and by default that directive should look like the following figure:


To that directive, add the -R flag. Your directive line should look something like the following figure:


Taken from Archwiki

Get Free Sun OpenSolaris CD

September 15, 2008

Sun is giving away OpenSolaris Live CD For FREE! .It even covers the media & shipping charges. you will get CD delivered at your doorstep with 2-5weeks of ordering. best part is you don’t have to pay a single penny for this.OpenSolaris 2008.05 for x86 is available to use free of charge.

The OpenSolaris 2008.05 Live CD makes it simple to boot to a fully functional desktop environment, including Firebox and Thunderbird, without the need to install onto your system. After familiarizing yourself with the OpenSolaris environment, you can then choose to install it onto your disk. Once installed, you can connect to the OpenSolaris Package Repository to install additional software at

Order Form – Request for Free CD
The Free CD will be shipped via United States First Class mail and could take 2-5weeks before it reaches you so if you want it fast then download it from OpenSolaris – Download Page.

Link:Order Form – Request for Free CD

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Dummies Guide to Scheduling Downloads

September 14, 2008

Since state owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) launched its broadband services under the brand name DataOne through out the country on 14th January 2005 , its users have one complaint lack of unlimited plans. Due to this users were forced to download their “stuff” in odd time of 200hrs to 800hrs(IST). some smart people used to schedule download and sleep cool. others have been branded night watchman by folks around them. now lot of things have changed, speeds have in upgraded upto 2mbps and new Unlimited plans have been introduced.
Still there are many users who still stuck with plans with data caps and Night Unlimited facility despite of Unlimited Plans being available. Mainly because of monthly rentals of data capped plans is lower and speeds are higher.
In This post we would try to intellectually schedule our downloads. so that we can have a sound sleep while download finishes. Already their are guides available for this on Internet but  this is for Anshul Jain & Rachit Atolia who forced me to write this post. Damn, both of you !.

What you would be able to do at end of this guide?

Your computer would automatically power-on(if supported) & connect to predestined time, your download would be automatically started. And at a predetermined time your PC would turn off. Best part is that all this occur when you are in deep sleep.

Requirements Tools:-
  • BSNL Internet Connection in Bridge mode(dial-up mode). Bridge mode is that when you use dialer in connect Internet. Internet is not not always on.
  • Tested on Windows XP 32bit, may or maybe not work on Vista
  • Any Download manager which supports scheduling, I recommend Free Download Manager(FDM). Download FDM
  • Torrent Client like utorrent. required only is you regularly download via torrents, else FDM has inbuilt bittorrent support.

1. Click on Start menu and Open Notepad from All Programs>Accessories>Notepad
2.  Type the following text and save the file as connect.bat
Connection name have to be replaced with the name of dialer you created in xp. to find your connection name . Open Start menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.  here you should find connection name. example for mine it is
rasdial Bsnl jp2555355 Hari-om

3. now create a similar file with following text and save it as disconnect.bat
rasdial   /disconnect
4. Create another file similar to first two with following text and save as
shutdown -S -T 0    See The [Update] at end of the post

5. Enable Hibernation by Start control > Run. type powercfg.cpl and check enable hibernation. ensure there is necessary free space available.

6.Open Scheduled tasks by tying “control scheduled” in run dialog box.
7. Add a new schedule task by clicking on “Add schedule task“. you would be presented with Scheduled task Wizard. please click next to continue.

8. Now in Select applications window, Click on Browse and navigate to the location where you have saved connect.bat  and click on Open

9.In perform this task, select Daily and click on next to continue.

10. In Select Time & date screen, choose Start time as 2:10 AM and Perform this task daily. Click Next to Continue.

11. Enter the password you use to logon, leave blank if there is no password. Click Next to Continue

12. you will get a confirmation screen. Click on Check box “Open Advanced properties for this task when I click Finish.” and now finally click on Finish.if you didn’t enter a password you get a access it denied error. please ignore and proceed to next step.

13. In Advanced properties check “Run Only If Logged on” and click Apply.

14. Click on Settings tab and check “Wake computer” to run this task. Click okay

15. Now you can add any other task like FDM or utorrent, in exact same procedure to be run at 2:11 AM Daily. but just choose desired program from Application Window in place of connect.bat in Step 7
16. Now add disconnect.bat task to be run at 7:50 AM Daily
17. Lastly, Shutdown.bat task to be run at 7:
18. If you have done everything correctly,your scheduled task should be similar to to screenshot given below.

How To Use

1. Set your downloads in FDM or utorrent in such a way that whenever they are started downloading begins.
2. Put your Computer to Hibernate Mode. Hold down Shift key in Shut Down menu to see Hibernate option.
3) Don’t Turn off main AC power. if you have a UPS, please keep it on. also router needs to need on. you can turn off your monitor Only.

Congrats!, you can now sleep cool which you download “Stuff”. Incase of any problems, please ask them here

You need a separate Utility like Poweroff to be able to shutdown computer.
1) Download Poweroff
2) Schedule to power off automatically at  7.50 AM daily.
3) Create a Service by Service>Create Service
4) Then Save Settings to the service

[Howto]: Change display Language in Windows Vista

September 3, 2008

When buying a laptop from abroad, the biggest problem is the OS comes in other languages than what we speak. same happened with me, my uncle got a Notebook computer with “Windows Vista Home basic” which had Chinese language by default.

Unlike Windows XP, changing display language is now a Premium feature and it only available in Windows Vista Business & Ultimate editions. now you don’t want to be a pirate and same time change its language. after lot of searching I finally found a solution.

Here is How:

  • Download Vistalizator language change tool – this tool allows you to change display language in Vista editions other than (officially supported) Ultimate, like Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business.Download
  • Download MUI Language PackMUI stands for Multilingual User Interface.
    There are full (100%) and partial (80% according to Microsoft) MUI language packs.Full languages change entire Vista environment, partial languages lack some localization. Download
  • Run Vistalizator, load a downloaded language pack, press Install
  • Wait for the installation process and finally accept the display language change
  • Exit program to restart Vista
  • Enjoy the new language smiley
  • You can install more languages and switch between them easily using Vistalizator

Vistalizator – Home Page