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BSNL IPTV iControl Service Starts in Jaipur

August 30, 2008

Bsnl in association with askh optic fibre has kicked off Internet Protocol Television(IPTV) service under the brand name of iControl. There was a soft launch of this service earlier this month but it was not open for public till 28th Aug.Now the service is open to public.

Now your old useless LandLine telephone can now stream your favorite TV channels via Internet route, which basically means your TV would be more interactive,customizable and flexible. It should not be confused with Internet Television where you watch TV on your PC and pay to watch channels & Bandwidth. Under iControl, you only have to pay a fixed charge for Channels and bandwidth is free. The service is currently available in 4 cities. Delhi,Mumbai ,Jaipur, Jodhpur

Now we would try to have a look at this service and see which feature is most useful and which not so useful. Most important should you really take a IPTV connection

What is icontrol ?

icontrol is the new avtaar of television connection. It is a service that helps you control the television the way you want. And no it’s not DTH / Cable. TV that you know has changed. It no longer decides what you watch or when you watch. It doesn’t rule your world anymore. It can’t ask you to finish work by 8. It isn’t your master. It is your servant.



Video on demand: More than 200 movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional with REWIND, FAST FORWARD and PAUSE option. You can see a whole range of movies from Eros, Shemaroo. You don’t need a DVD Player or DVDs.  

Since there are many scenes in movies which are too boring to watch or sometimes certain dialogs are unclear; imagine ability to rewind and forward while watching movies on your TV. probably you would feel this not a TV but your DVD player. as starting there are around 200 titles which are free to watch[ Free Movies List ] and other can be ordered by paying small amount of money.

Music on demand: Which allows you to see your favorite music as and when you want.

In age of iPods, this feature not much useful according to me becuase to hear music you have to purchase it which I am sure not people would like to do.

Time Shift TV: Which allows you to watch your favorite programs as and when you want. i.e. a subscriber can re-view past 3 days telecast program again.
The time shift option is currently available for FTA (free to air) channels. However it will be soon made available on other channels.   [ FTA List ]

Pretty handy, this basically means now you can watch your favorite television soaps

A-Tube: Video Classified pages offering you solutions to your day to day requirements from Lifestyle, Travel, Restaurants, Schools, Parlours, to even plumber. A-Tube and A-Shop allows subscribers to watch even video matrimonial, resumes and advertisements. 

Ahh..advertisements. why do they think we are stupid enough to take ads as a feature.don’t burden us with ads, Please?

Play a whole lot of interactive games like sudoku among your icontrol group.

Not a big deal! I think its more usefull for kids i would instead pass my time doing something more productive.

Free Messaging:
Send and receive instant messages form other icontrol users. Make friends. Create your own address book.

Interesting…..maybe it can help me find a date. hehe

Triple Play:
icontrol, internet connection and telephone service on one single cord.

Phone,Broadband and Television via your old landline. pretty neat

Replay Live Channels:
Now, you can replay a live channel and watch cricket again and again and again.

Nice thing to have since you regularly miss your fav matches due angry boss.


What Channels are available?

Total of 135 channels including all popular channels like Sony,Star,Zee,Ten sports,colors,M TV etc are available.full channel list.[ Channels List ]


How much i have to Pay?

That’s the most important Question. Service charges are Rs.150/- per month. there also one time activation charge of Rs.200/-. Installation & setop box are Free of charge. However a security deposit(Refundable) of Rs.999/- is to be paid towards set top box. you would be billed in your normal telephone bill.

What is disadvantage?

The most biggest disadvantage is that it requires a Broadband connection from BSNL.

Your Choice

If you already have Broadband connection, then IPTV is smart choice. otherwise DTH seems the best way to go.

For more information visit iControl Website and call BSNL call center no. 1500


Learning Java Programming Language – Day 1

August 26, 2008

I am Learning Java programming language these as its part of my course. Java is Object-oriented, structured, imperative language. Its syntax(grammar) is heavily inspired  from  C/C++. All those coders who have know basics of C/C++ won’t have much problems in learning java. Sun Microsystems defines java as
The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all of the following buzzwords: Simple,Architecture neutral,Object oriented,Portable,Distributed,High performance,Multithreaded,Robust,Dynamic,Secure

The main Advantage of Java is Portability, the code written in java can run on different platforms; independent of OS its coded. It can run on various platforms since its does not directly access the Host OS’s libraries and API’s . All code written in java is first compiled to bytecode by java compiler(javac) and the java launcher tool runs your application instance in Java Virtual Machine(JVM).This method of running program allows programs to be platform independent as your code never comes in direct contact with host OS’s programming API. a mediator called Java Virtual Machine(JVM) with help of Java Application Programming Interface (API) automatically converts bytecode into machine readable code. The main disadvantage of Virtualization technique is that it sacrifices on performance for portability. Java Applications are resource intensive and are slower than native applications.
For example Vuze(Formerly known as Azureus) is  bittorrent Client entirely coded in java. it needs minimum of 256mb Memory and lots of CPU time. it runs on Windows,Mac OS,Linux etc. However its counterpart µTorrent runs exclusively on Windows platform and takes marginal resources. As a Developer when choosing which programming language to code your application in  you have to decide between speed & portability.Java is highly portable so it should be used in making web applets and writing big applications in java should be generally avoided.

Writing First Program in Java
Before we can proceed writing famous “Hello World” program, we need to setup environment accordingly. for coding in any High-level programming language we nee three basic things compiler,Text editor and Shell. for java we would need

  • Language Compiler – Java Development kit(JDK)
  • Text Editor – Notepad++
  • Shell/Console – depends on Platform, we would use Windows Command Shell aka cmd

Download JDK from here(74mb). Notepad++ from here(2mb). please note confuse notepad++ with windows notepad, both are entirely different. you can write your programs in notepad as well but windows notepad does not support basic programming functions like syntax highlighting. So its wise to use Notepad++.
Installing JDK and notepad++ is real easy, its typical Next,Next,Next Wizard. after you finish installing Next Step is to open Notepad++ and type the following code.

public class hello 
public static void main (String args[]) 
System.out.println("Hello World. My First Java Program!");

.csharpcode, .csharpcode pre

font-size: small;
color: black;
font-family: consolas, “Courier New”, courier, monospace;
background-color: #ffffff;
/*white-space: pre;*/
.csharpcode pre { margin: 0em; }
.csharpcode .rem { color: #008000; }
.csharpcode .kwrd { color: #0000ff; }
.csharpcode .str { color: #006080; }
.csharpcode .op { color: #0000c0; }
.csharpcode .preproc { color: #cc6633; }
.csharpcode .asp { background-color: #ffff00; }
.csharpcode .html { color: #800000; }
.csharpcode .attr { color: #ff0000; }
.csharpcode .alt
background-color: #f4f4f4;
width: 100%;
margin: 0em;
.csharpcode .lnum { color: #606060; }
Now save the file with .java extension and click on “Show console Dialog” icon from Standard toolbar in Notepad++. type “cmd” and you will get Windows Command Shell.
Compling the program
Running the Program
  java filename
make sure you are in dir where the file exists.

you can also use a Integrated Development Environment(IDE ) like Eclipse which has a Text editor,Complier and Shell integrated into one application. its bit more complex and is more usefull in coding large applications. 
For online resources on Java have a look here, here & here. For java Books try Java™ Programming Language by Arnold, Ken/Gosling, James/Holmes, David and  Effective Java by Joshua Bloch

Wish you make fastest applications with little bugs
Happy Programming!


And That’s the First Year that just passed…….

August 22, 2008

YAY!…I am in second year now. I have almost(results not out yet) passed by first year in college. what a year it has been, I made friends & had fun and whoa it just went. I never realized time can pass so fast.
I still remember my first day as college,freshly out of school, I was little hesitant to go as I didn’t knew anyone there. but soon things changed I made some new friends and things were fun. you know it is in First year college a sort of total carefree attitude that guys have. we used to skip some classes and didn’t realize the mistake were making until exams came and terror stuck!!. then we studied for day nights and just filled the answer sheets.
Anyhow, exams are also finished now, it time for a new optimistic restart by which I aim to update my skill-set and add value countable value to myself.
One more reason I am so exited this time papers are interesting. Complete Syllabus can be seen here.

  • Financial and Marketing Management
  • Digital Electronics and Circuits
  • Mathematical methods for Numerical Analysis and Optimization
  • Database Management System
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Networking Technologies And TCP/IP
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Internet and Intranet
  • Electronic Communication and Data Communication
  • Visual Basic, Visual C, and Visual Foxpro Programming (Laboratory)
  • Web authoring Tools,Java and Perl Programming (Laboratory)
  • Digital Electronics Lab (Laboratory)

I am little disappointed with Rajasthan University for not updating its course since we are still studying things Foxpro & Visual Basic but then again it would be useful as some core concepts learned here would apply in RDMS. I am happy to have TCP/IP stack as I always wanted to know about it but lacked motivation to do so. However studying Digital Electronics will challenge for me. it has lot of “stuff” which need in depth understanding of subjects taught in previous year but who likes Life without challenges.
Additional I am planning to stress more on Java Programming Language and little on Visual C as I feel java is more widely implemented and would be value addition in my resume.
Although it hard to perfect everything but lots of hard work with some luck would do the trick.

Wish me Luck 🙂

Its Official Now, Vodafone Prices iPhone at Rs.31,000

August 20, 2008

Apple’s iPhone, the touch screen handset that acquired a cult status in the US and other western countries now set to launch in India on 22nd August.
In a Surprise move this Morning Vodafone has sent SMS to every subscriber to subscribed to pre-booking of the device; revealing Indian price of iPhone 3G.the SMS sent read as given below:-

Your wait is about to end!
iPhone 3G arrives on Aug 22.
8GB model is for Rs 31,000/- and 16GB for Rs 36,100.
To get your iPhone before others, visit one of the select Vodafone Stores & confirm your booking paying Rs 10,000/- on August 20 or 21. You’ll get an appointment to collect your iPhone after paying the balance amount.
For the List of the select Vodafone Stores, go to
Save this SMS – you will get need to show it at Vodafone Store for Claiming the iPhone

This confirm that Vodafone is indeed selling Apple iPhone 3G at 31k. this is indeed came as a shock to large number of people who expected iPhone price to be around 10-12k similar to global price.
However, Vodafone, one of the two operators in India which will start selling iPhone from Friday, did not spell out if the price tags were for unlocked iPhone’s, or those with bundled plans.
Now we should wait for Airtel’s pricing and Hope that it should be better than Vodafone.


Vodafone has slashed prices
The new price for the iPhone 3G is 29,000 Indian rupee (about $670 US) and 34,000 Indian rupee (about $785 US) for the 8GB and 16GB model respectively.

Get Windows Home server Evaluation Kit absolutely FREE!!

August 18, 2008

Microsoft – A tech giant company is aggressively promoting its new product Windows Home Server. Currently its running a promotional campaign through which you can get Windows Home Server 120day Evaluation kit consisting of 1DVD and 2CDs absolutely FREE!.

Q> What is Windows Home Server?
Answer:> Windows Home Server helps you centralize and connect your digital “stuff”, enabling you to share, store, access and automatically help protect your most important pictures, videos, music and other important files.

Q> what are its features or What can it do for me?
Answer:> It would helps you manage multiple computers and the data stored on them from a single centralized place. its features are

  • Provide you with peace of mind by automatically backing up your home computers and your important files every night, making it easy to restore an entire home computer or just a file to a previous state.
  • Creates centralized storage for your photos, music, home videos and documents
  • Enables you to easily and more securely access your files and personnel computers from inside and outside of your home.
  • Centrally monitor the health of your home computers running Windows XP and Windows Vista to proactively identify and resolve problems. other operating systems are not officially supported.
  • Easily expand the storage of your home server by adding additional internal or external hard drives of any size.
  • Use Xbox 360 or other Windows Media Connect-supported devices to enjoy digital media stored on your Windows Home Server.

Q> Whom this product is made for or should I use this product?
Answer:> It is a product made by Microsoft keeping in my the digital homes where multiple computers exists & which are inter-connected via a local network. you should on try and use this product if you have more than 1computer and they are connected on a local LAN.

Q> Will my Computer able to run it or What are the System Requirements ?
Answer:> Windows Home Server is Built on Top of Vista so system requirements are pretty much same.

  • Processor:Pentium III 1Ghz or greater
  • RAM:512 MB of RAM or more.
  • Space disk: 70 GB or larger
  • Optical drive: DVD-ROM atleast
  • Network: 100 Mbps or faster Ethernet  network interface card.

Q> What is Evaluation kit or what do I get from Microsoft?
Answer:> Evaluation kit contains Server installation DVD,Connector CD,Restore CD and a Product key which is valid for 120 days. after the trail period ends either you have to purchase Windows Home Server or remove it from your computer. Remember:this is a Trial Software not a full version.

Q> How much I have to Pay for getting Evaluation kit?
Answer:> That’s the best part you don’t have to shell out a single Penny to get this 120days Evaluation kit. however if you wish to use it more than 3months and you have to purchase its license. Read here to find out how.

Q> Okay I am convinced!, how do I order it?
Answer:> For ordering you have to register at Microsoft’s Website and fill in your contact details. if accepted then your Evaluation Kit would arrive in about 2-4weeks time.CLICK HERE to order Windows Home Server Evaluation kit for FREE

Q> Is it a Scam or Just-another-Internet fraud?
Answer:> No, This is a Promotional offer brought to you buy Microsoft Corp. So its not a scam, if you still don’t trust me than I must tell you have already tried this offer and received my Evaluation Kit. It was sent by Arvato Digital services Pte Ltd from Singapore on Behalf of Microsoft Corp. here are some Pictures to make you Believe that Microsoft will send it to you for Free or charge.

Brought to By Gaurish

Solution:Some Random sites do not open with BSNL Broadband

August 17, 2008

BSNL Broadband is a broadband internet service from state owned BSNL in India. during Past few weeks many Bsnl Broadband customers are complaining that they can’t open some sites like,, but can connect to, the sites which are not opening are random – it can be any site which does not open.If you a similar problem and can’t open some sites then read on……
There are mainly two Reasons to this Problem:-

  • Bad DNS: Bsnl’s DNS sometimes due to overload fails to resolve queries. sometimes this is a temporary problem. if it occurs often then change to third party DNS server like Opendns. changing DNS server is very simple process, there is no software to install. you just need to specify IP address of alternate DNS servers. Opendns also has other features like filtering of adult sites etc. detailed instructions on how to setup can be found on Opendns website.

  • Large MTU: MTU stands for Maximum transmission Unit. it is max size of each data packet which travels across a Internet. each interface has it own MTU value.  Larger MTU ensures bandwidth efficiency but it can also choke interfaces. if you have problems with your network a conservative MTU value of 1454 is change MTU. The third party Dr. TCP software can be used to change the MTU setting.
    1. Download this tiny utility from here. choose exe file type
    2. Run the utility you just downloaded.
    3. In the Adapter Settings, select the Ethernet driver and adapter used to connect with BSNL broadband.
    4. In the MTU box, type the 1454.
    5. Click in any other box, without changing the data there.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Click Exit.
    8. Restart the computer.

Hopefully you be able to solve your network problems. Enjoy High-speed enabled Internet!!

Internet Explorer ki CD hai kya?

August 13, 2008

For my Non-hindi speaking friends, this Translates into “Do you have Internet Explorer in CD“.

here is a Brief conversation a Girl & Guy at some college situated at Jaipur:

(a Girl wearing pink top and pale blue jeans Walks up to guy, Armed with hair comb in one hand and a laptop on shoulder. she unfolds her hair & ties it again for unknown reasons.the guy is busy reading LFYMag. Just then Girl Breaks his concentration and demands immediate attention. )


Girl(in a casual manner):Hi, Internet Explorer ki CD hai kya?


Girl(Firmly):you don’t know what is internet explorer?

Boy: No, Please enlighten me.

Girl: its a Operating system.

Boy: Yes, IE is world greatest Os, it would be its insult to the-grest-OS, if it was to be distributed in cheepo Media/

Girl(puzzled):  Then how do i Install Internet Explorer in Vista?

Boy(Singals her to open laptop): It appears magically when a User wish to use it. and disappears when not in use

Girl: i think so, as till yesterday there it was a  “E” on my Desktop. now it has disappeared since i am not using do i call it back?

Guy:close your eyes and pray.Meanwhile he restores deleted shortcut from recycle bin.

Girl:wow, you are so good with Computers. amazing!

Guy:err….what did i do?

Girl says Thank you and walks off. Guy resumes reading an article about Python programming in LFYMag

Exams Over,What to Do in Free Time

August 3, 2008

My College Exams have ended few days back. There is still time to before new session of college Begins. this means sittings at home whole day and doing nothing. some people call it rest and means of relaxation. for me its simply waste of time. so thought to pen down some ideas which one could do and enjoy his/her holidays. after all we rarely get such long I want to utilize it to fullest extent.

Choice of activities that can be done in Holidays widely depends upon your hobbies/interest.I am listing a few which i prefer to pass my time.some of them might not appeal to you much.

  • Catch with Friends: its been long since i met my friends. so i plan to visit their place. go on some outing with them. make sure you aren’t unwanted guests, its your holiday not theirs. so call them and ask before visiting.

  • Watch Movies:Thats most of us do when we are free, i plan to do the same. if you are looking for some good movies to watch.check out Movie Recommendations
  • Hit the Gym: In past few months due to continuous sittings while studying & daily midnight feasts, few extra layers of lipids have developed around my belly. now its time to shed it and get back in shape. if you don’t have access to Gym,then do some jogging & running in park. if going to park is also not possible. you may try Power Yoga.

    Its basically faster form of Yoga for youth.

  • Give Time to yourself: In this crowded fast moving life, personnel space is at premium. this is the time where i can s pend time improving myself. Pursue my hobbies like reading magazines and novels. improve my dressing sense. catch up with latest fashion by shopping for trendy clothes & accesssories. get a funky look by new hair can do things which you always wanted to but were never able to do due to lack of time.
  • Help your Parents:Be responsible, spend some quality time with your Parents. help your dad with Car wash or Mom with daily chores. let them know they have a obedient son/daughter. they would be so happy. then maybe if you are little cunning then ask for a new mobile!! 😀
  • Sports: It peaks performance and mental toughness. Although some people don’t like sports, but i am sure there must be at least one sport which you like playing. i like swimming.check the List, to find which sport you may like.
  • Games on Console/PC:Playing computer Games is quite fun and addictive. i can spend whole night playing GTA IV.organise a LAN party with your friend and play counter strike. girls may not like this idea. Alternatively,Girls can callup friends and catch with latest gossip.
  • Vacation:leave behind the fast city life and escape to a exotic holiday destination. if you are life me, who can’t go to holiday then visiting your Grandparents is the best thing to do. for me it refreshes my childhood memories.

  • Enchance your skill set:not entirely fun, but you need to do something which enhances your professional value and this is the best time to do may not be fun but certainly help to future. like i have decided to brush up my programming and learn basic math to improve my quantitative do something similar in your respective field. is you get too much stressed then to relieve stress watch some porno don’t do that. i am joking. 😛
  • Internet Surfing: waste your time watching Youtube videos,reading my blog or read site like Wikipedia and participate in online discussion can spend time doing some some work or just passing time.on Internet its all upto you, how you spend your time.if you are looking for some sites. then Google is your friend.

These were my ideas on how to pass my month long holidays. Please comment them and feel free to contribute your own ideas.

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India’s 3G Policy Announced, Some Key Points to Note.

August 1, 2008

Government of India has finally announced its policy on 3G spectrum allocation, paving way for 3G mobile services in country.Telecom minister A.Raja said there would max 10 player in each circle and spectrum would be allocated by bidding method, where the highest bidder gets spectrum.

3D an acronym for 3rd generations of mobile services which supports high-speed video messaging(video calls), mobile TV, gaming etc. the introduction of 3G in India is delayed,now the world is moving towards 4G.

nevertheless its a welcome move as its many time faster than present EDGE networks.

The Detailed policy can be read here. some of the important points mentioned in document.

* Initially, 5players would be allowed in each circle. later this limit would be increased to 10. Delhi & Mumbai will have 3 players instead of 5.

* Allocation of Septrum would based on a third party auction, which means telcos have to shell out more money, subsequently this cost will be passed onto the consumer in form of higher cost. as a Expection BSNL & MTNL would be allotted spectrum preferential basis.

Unfair Policy for Delhi and Mumbai telecom circles
Delhi & mumbai, which is biggest market for 3G will only have 2 private GSM players because the government has made it very clear that there are only three slots available for 3G spectrum in Delhi and Mumbai and two are already going to be reserved for BSNL and MTNL. this is a big blow to all private players.Idea cellular and reliance communication are also bidding for spectrum. This would ensure aggressive bidding and higher service costs.

Only two operators of Airtel,Vodafone,Idea & Reliance will get 3G license.

Bad news for Apple iPhone Lovers

Airtel and Vodafone are official carriers of iPhone in India. infact they have also announced publicly they will launch Apple iPhone 3G. now their plans seems to in toss in two most important circles i.e Delhi & Mumbai. there would be only 2private operators in these circles and more than 15bidders. this would ensure cut Cut Throat competition subcribers in other cities like chennai are more lucky to have 5 players.

Situation is better in CDMA space, there is no competition there. and bidder would get 3G spectrum at base price. BSNL & MTNL will not bid for CDMA.

And 3G services are expected to roll out around may-jun 09.
Get ready to enter new era of Telecommunication.

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